Paint Protection Films

Paint protection film will make your car look and operate like new for a long time. A good quality paint protection film has amazing transparency and gloss-enhancing qualities It will significantly improve your car’s appearance. So, use our durable, invisible, and incredibly effective car paint protection films to shield your car’s exterior.

The paint protection film serves as an effective barrier for the exterior of your car against environmental irritants, scuffs, rocks chips, and other contaminants that could harm it. Due to its hydrophobic properties, it also powerfully resists dirt and other waste from cars. We offer top-notch paint protection films in Suffolk, VA, so if you want a film that will protect at a high level, won’t interfere with the paint’s appearance, and will last for a long time, then you’ve come to the right place.

Advantages of paint protection film

Paint protection film is the best way to protect your car paint from scratches, fading and paint swirls. Furthermore, PPF protects your car from chemical reactions that cause chipping and result in rusting. So a PPF helps maintain a car re-sale value and save your investment.

Yes, paint protection is worth the investment on a new car because not only it protects your vehicle from scratches, road debris and possible minor dents but also needs low maintenance. Through all this, PPF helps keep your car in brand new condition.

3M™ is the best paint protection film and we use the same product for all vehicles.

You can protect your car paint from sunlight by following below paint protection methods:

  • Use car covers and UV protectants
  • Park your vehicle in the shade
  • Regularly polish metal or painted parts


And to save time and have all the freedom, simply get a PPF Wrap to protect your car from sunlight all the way.

Below are the methods that will help you protect matte paint on your car:

  • Do not use regular paste wax
  • Use matte sealants
  • Regularly handwash your car


Otherwise, a PPF wrap will best protect your matte car paint while maintaining the matte finish and not adding any gloss or shine to it.

We help to retain the car’s resale value!

We make sure your car truly stands out from the crowd by providing professional detailing services from the inside out.


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michael baker
michael baker
Awesome service & quality. I would refer him to my family and friends. Very timely. A-1
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Juan Chumpitaz
A+++++ service!!! Amazing service and quality work! My vehicle looks great again 😁
Dara Pomerantz
Dara Pomerantz
HIRE HIM!!! I got throw up all over the drivers side of my car and wasn’t sure how to get it all out! I cleaned it my best but it still needed a deep cleaning to get all the hard to reach places. Chris was extremely timely in getting back to me and even scheduled me for the same day. Very professional as well! He came to me and did a thorough cleaning of my car and it looks better than the day I got it!! No smell either! I will definitely be using his company again!
The Harrington’s Family
The Harrington’s Family
Chris did great work. Will definitely use him again in the future
Jason Donovant
Jason Donovant
Chris did a fantastic job on my two cars. We will continue to do business with Chris…my daughter asked me “Dad, did we get a new car?”. Bottom line…reasonable price and outstanding service! Thanks Chris!
Shaila Simon
Shaila Simon
Awesome service! Chris responded to my inquiry fast and was very friendly. I was able to book an appointment the day after the inquiry which was awesome. He showed up early and had his own water which is another plus. He was able to get all the stains out of my seats and the bodily fluids that my friend left lol. My passenger side was very dirty but it looked like a new car after so I'm very pleased with the service and will definitely recommend to friends and family.
EJ Rizal
EJ Rizal
I got the full interior and exterior services. He responded quickly and the prices are a lot better compared to most in the Hampton roads area. It rained the day of my appointment and he messaged me saying he could come later if the weather was better or reschedule. The weather actually turned out better and he came at the original time. He came to me and I left for a couple hours and came back to an amazing job! My car felt nearly brand new. Great and nice person too. Would highly recommend and definitely plan on using his services again!
Jerri Gardner
Jerri Gardner
Chris did a fantastic job on my SUV. I asked a lot of questions and he was very patient and friendly. His attention to detail and his promptness will definitely have me using his service again. Thanks again for the wonderful job. Highly recommend.